200 registrantations for EUROPARC Conference 2017

Press release n.º 3 |
17th July 2017 |

Over 200 people from 30 countries have already registered for EUROPARC Conference that will take place in Portugal, in one-month time. So far, after Portugal, the Netherlands will be the country better represented.

The biggest event of Protected Areas takes place in the Portuguese region of the “Magic Mountains” in September 2016. It will gather professionals and nature conservation experts coming from four continents – Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

“Currently, we have 200 registrations and the biggest foreigner group of delegates is coming from the Netherlands. We look forward to receiving more registrations from Portuguese professionals working for protected areas and nature conservation, as we will be discussing important subjects for the country, such as forest management and wildfires, the coexistence between people and large carnivores or the shared management of natural areas”, said Joao Carlos Pinho, coordinator of ADRIMAG (conference host and organiser).

EUROPARC Conference is a European event with international coverage that gathers specialists on nature conservation, cultural heritage and sustainable management of activities within classified natural areas.

The event takes place in Portugal, between 6-10th June, in a geographical region rich of natural and cultural heritage, covering the municipalities of Arouca, Castelo de Paiva, Castro Daire, Cinfães, S. Pedro do Sul, Sever do Vouga e Vale de Cambra.

With the theme – New voices, new visions, new Values for People and Nature in Europe – participants will examine the role of protected areas as promoters of a more socially inclusive, environmentally healthier, and economically viable model for local development.

Before reaching the maximum of 300 participants, registrations can still be made at www.europarc2017.montanhasmagicas.pt.