02 – Can we live with them?

Moderator: Margarida Fernandes, ICNF (PT) 

Wild Fauna is a natural asset but can also be a problem when there are damages on crops, herds or simple car accidents. The dilemma is there and loss compensation is expected from the ones that had the damage, but budget limitations, damage control and lack of predators are part of the problem/solution. What is the limit for payments? Other than just payment? All fauna damages? There are different models to deal with this problem, depending on the fauna, the damage and the society tradition. What are the alternative models?

Case study #1

Carlo Bifulco, Parco Nazionale Monti Sibillin (IT)

“Living with wild boar and wolf in the Apennine mountains”
Carlo will explain us how National Park Monti Sibillini in the Apennines, Italy, is dealing with the over-population of wild boar and the damages due to the wolf presence, using two multiannual projects figuring out possible solutions for those situations.”

Case study #2

Francisco Alvares, CIBIO-InBIO(PT)

“Conflicts and opportunities with wolves in the Peneda Geres National Park” by Francisco Alvares from CIBIO-InBIO, (Research Center in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources, Porto University), Portugal
Francisco will explain us how a persistent work with the local communities in the mountains of Peneda Gerês NP has gave insights on the perceptions and conflicts towards wolves, providing knowledge to deal with ancient fears and beliefs, to prevent livestock damages and to value these carnivores as a tourism business opportunity.