FEDENATUR approved your integration into the EUROPARC Federation

Press release n.º 4 |

6th  September 2017 |

The members of FEDENATUR – the European Association of Periurban Parks, approved this afternoon during their general assembly in S. Pedro do Sul, its integration into the EUROPARC Federation. An action that marks the start of the EUROPARC 2017 Conference, which takes place in the Magic Mountains until Sunday, September 10th.

“I’m happy for this decision. EUROPARC works with protected areas, however several parks in Europe are located in the outskirts of metropolitan areas. Today, the largest organisation of periurban parks joins EUROPARC, bringing new advice and knowledge, but especially new visions, new voices and new values. EUROPARC is open to cooperate with other organisations that work on the same sustainable development strand”, said Ignace Schops, President of the EUROPARC Federation, re-elected this afternoon for a new three-year term.

“Today, thanks to your and our joint effort, FEDENATUR is born again within a big project that allows us, deliberately and consciously, to bring its background of identity, expertise and its visions for the future, within the big house of EUROPARC – a big, shared house of which we are proud to become part of. What we are doing today is not the end of a path, but rather the opportunity to transfer our expertise, our professional knowledge and our visions within a wider context and within an organisation that has broader horizons”, said Roberto Della Rovere, President of FEDENATUR, which now ceases to exist as an individual organisation. Roberto also emphasizes the sustainability aspect of these territories, considering that “periurban and metropolitan parks are an a example that living within the park area can be, and is most often, a resource and an opportunity. We combine respect for the environment with sustainable development”.

After his re-election, Ignace Schops affirmed that sustainability and expansion of the network will be the main focus of the EUROPARC Federation of his new mandate.

“The next three years will be important to achieve stability and enlarge the EUROPARC network. We want to be the common home of nature, regional, national, marine, periurban parks, and support them in the sustainable development of their territories, based on an active involvement with their local communities”.

During the coming days, conservation and the well-being of communities will be analysed by over 300 participants from several countries, at EUROPARC Conference. This year taking place in the Magic Mountains territory, a Sustainable Destinations awarded with the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas.
Tonight, delegates will be welcomed in Sao Pedro do Sul, in this event organised by ADRIMAG and promoted by the EUROPARC Federation.

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