01 – Good fire, bad fire

 Moderator: Paulo Mateus, ICNF (PT)

Fire is part of Nature as well as from Mankind. Fire has been used by men ever since as a tool to manage the landscape, grazing and farming and often in a sustainable way and have determined specific habitats that now are valued as natural assets. Yet nowadays with climate change, land abandonment and depopulation of rural areas Wild Fires impact asks for prevention, management models and participatory schemes where fire is part of the solution and not only the problem.

Case study #1

Paulo M. Fernandes, University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD), Escola de Ciências Agrárias & Veterinárias (ECAV) (PT)

“Is there a bad/good fire?”
Paulo will explain us the specificity of fire in southern Europe, namely its causes, drivers and dynamic, why fire can be so devastating, but also how fire has been traditionally a sustainable tool to manage landscapes, rangelands and habitats, and how to use it in a positive and beneficial way.


Case Study #2

Carlos Loureiro from GIFF – Gestão Integrada e Fomento Florestal, Lda (a private consultancy in fire management), Portugal.

“Prescription of fire in nature conservation areas. Some practical cases in Portugal and Italy”
Carlos will present us, from the point of view of a private company, practical cases of prescribed fire use in Protected Areas that he was work with in Portugal and Italy as a way of managing habitats and prevent wildfires negative impact.