12 – Making an Impact- Measuring the impact of people in periurban parks

Moderator: Teresa Pastor, EUROPARC

The natural spaces around our major urban places are vital green lungs for city dwellers as well as important features of the landscape.  The pressures these greenspaces are under can be immense with multi use visitation   and different land uses all competing with the need to maintain viable and resilient habitats. This workshop, learning from the experience of Fedenatur members, will examine different methodologies to measure the impact of visitors and explore ideas such as carrying capacity and limits of acceptable change.

Case study # 1

Diego García Ventura, EUROPARC Spain

Carrying capacity assessment – a review
Diego García will make a framework introduction to the concepts of carrying capacity and limits of acceptable change in protected areas, two of the most common methodologies used to assess how much is too much.


Case study # 2

Estela Farías, University of Lleida (ES)

Tracking and managing environmental impact caused by people in natural areas, with a special focus on periurban parks.
Estela Farías will focus on more intuitive and integrated methodologies and protocols to measure impact of people in periruban parks, attending both the greater pressure of visitation and diversity of uses in them and the lack of sensitivity of some of the users. She will also give some ideas on how to reduce impacts.