13 – Managing across the great divide – connecting land and sea

Moderator: Tim Vines, EUROPARC Atlantic Isles

Protected areas at the interface between the marine and terrestrial have a unique and interesting perspective.
People care strongly about our coasts. Access to them is important to our health and well-being and relationships to the marine environment make a fundamental contribution to the economy and culture of our coastal communities.
Our coasts and coastal waters are under considerable pressure, from both human activities – such as conventional and renewable energy, port development, recreation and tourism – and not least from climate change impacts, particularly sea-level rise leading to increased coastal flooding and erosion.
Regimes and legislation for management of land and the marine environment are often separate and not well coordinated – we are still not good at integrated coastal management.
The workshop will explore land-sea relationships and work being done to integrate management across the land-sea boundary.


Case Study # 1

Tim Callaway, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (UK)

“Active management for a changing coastline; experience from a coastal realignment project”
The case study will present experience and learning points from ‘Medmerry’, a partnership project to realign a section of coast in the South Downs National Park in southern England, which produced benefits for both flood management and wildlife.