05 – Natural Health: Protected Areas and the Health and Well-being Agenda

Moderator: Pete Rawcliff, Scottish Natural Heritage (UK)

Drawing on the work of the EUROPARC Federation Commission on this topic, this workshop will elaborate on the connections between health, well-being and nature.  Specifically, it will look at how protected areas can form effective partnerships with the health sector drawing on good practice from across Europe, and the practical tools and resources that the Commission is developing to help protected areas both to serve the health needs of society  better, but also to make the case for the continuing need for healthy parks for healthy people.

Case Study#1

Making more of the good practice from across Europe – key lessons from emerging practice

Carles Castell, Gerència d’Espais Naturals, Àrea de Territori i Sostenibilitat (Catalonia, ES) and Tony Gates, Chief Executive, Northumberland National Park (England, UK) will share their experience in implementing health projects.

Case study#2

Tools and resources for developing partnerships with the health sector

Joel Erkkonen, Recreational Amenity Specialist, Parks & Wildlife (FI) and Nele Sober, Estonian Environmental Board (EE) will share their expertise regarding new tools and resources for developing partnerships with the health sector.