04 – A new alternative solution for PA management? Private management of Public Protected Areas

Moderator: Paulo Castro, EUROPARC Council (PT) 

Public PA have been using outsourcing solutions since quite a while, searching for alternative solutions that cost less. The paradigm of free public services for all is coming to an end in all kind of public services including public use of PA. Increasing outsourcing of services and increasing costs to visit PA are at the centre of a discussion where Public and Private Partnerships tend to be seen as the solution for every problem or demonized as a problem on itself. The discussion needs to present examples from Europe and abroad in order to know alternative models to support public services in this PPP.

Case study #1

Fernando Sousa, Cataratas SA (BR)

“Managing visitor’s centres for 4 million visitors in Brazil, a successful experience involving local stakeholders” by Fernando Sousa from Grupo Cataratas, SA (a major enterprise managing several visitor’s centre in Brazilian NP), Brazil
Fernando will tell us about how Cataratas company is now managing visitor centres in 3 national parks in Brazil representing more than 4 million visitors annually and what has been their strategy to involve local population into the business, being more inclusive and sustainable for the territory.

Case study #2

Fernando Pieroni, Instituto SEMEIA (BR)

“Public and Private Partnerships (PPP), developing a solution for some Brazilian Protected Areas” by Fernando Pieroni from Semeia (a Brazilian NGO developing PPP), Brazil

When there are major structural budget cuts done in public PA all over the world, Fernando will tell us about the relevant work done by SEMEIA as an ONG that is helping setting up Private Public Partnership where the private sector is also helping the public sector financing solutions in order to keep the high standards of managing public Protected Areas.