14 – Old Parks: New Money? Alternative funding strategies for protected areas

Moderator: Katja Artz, EUROPARC Germany

Traditionally, national and regional protected areas have been fully funded from administrations. However, in recent years alternative funding strategies for protected areas to supplement or replace traditional fundings have emerged.  This workshop will examine, what makes them successful?
Different funding strategies of parks to enhance their financial support from the private sector in order to protect nature will be considered such as the labelling of products, collecting donations, to the very sophisticated distribution of ecosystem services will be examined. As well as identifying what is and how we measure success, the workshop will look at negative/ positive experience with companies funding nature projects and What can the community of all parks in EUROPARC do to enhance funding from the private sector?

Case study # 1

Examples from the NL“Marketplace Nature” Online Funding Platform for Nature projects, EUROPARC Germany.

The idea of “Marketplace Nature” is, to collect project ideas from parks which urgently need financial support. Companies are invited to support “Their” nature project, depended on financial resources, subjects or location.


Case study # 2

Examples from Germany “New Markets for Biodiversity” – High quality sponsoring for nature, EUROPARC Germany
Nature parks complete many socially beneficial conservation projects that are valuable to the country, like biodiversity, clean water. However, these beneficial are no longer byproducts of modern land use. E.g. Meadow Orchards are given up, because they are economical insufficient. EUROPARC Germany therefor seeks to establish a market mechanism for biodiversity. Nature projects will be certified, to guarantee the best ecological output. Companies and private investors on the demand side will find opportunities to invest in nature projects and demonstrate their contribution to nature protection to the public on a professional basis.