15 – Modern Park Rangers – improving skills for effective Ranger teams

Moderator: Frank Gruertz, International Ranger Federation/European Ranger Association

All over the world Rangers stand in the frontline of nature conservation – on the Thin Green Line! They are the faces and ambassadors for their parks in the public. The variety of tasks and duties of Rangers is very wide, from patrolling and law enforcement to environmental education, monitoring of wildlife and resource management. As multiple as the duties of Rangers in Europe are also the Ranger Training Standards of the different European countries vary. We will examine some different Ranger training systems and approaches in Europe and highlight the skills and standards needed for a modern Park Ranger.


Case study # 1

Ruth Grant, Scottish Countryside Rangers´ Association (UK)

“Modern Park Rangers – the Scottish Professional Ranger Development as a key to success”
From national training course to continuing professional development – meeting the needs of rangers and park managers.
Ruth Grant will give a snapshot of Scotland’s approaches to equipping Rangers with their essential professional skills needed for a high-quality care in parks.