Thursday 7th September

Secondary School of Arouca – 09:30

Buses will take you from Termas de São Pedro do Sul to Arouca at 08:00. You will spend the entire day in this municipality and experience much of their nature and culture. Please bring everything you need as you will return to your hotel just after the dinner!

Enjoy great views of the Magic Mountains en route and get to know new friends and colleagues during the relaxing bus ride! Coffee will await you on the arrival at the Secondary School (Arouca).

“New Voices, New Visions, New Values – for People and Nature in Europe”

The first plenary session of the Conference, on thursday morning, will set the scene as we consider “New Voices, New Visions, New Values – for People and Nature in Europe”.

Politicians from across the representative spectrum will highlight their role and responsibilities for People and Nature. Keynote speakers will emphasise their experience in protected areas giving voice and understanding of the complexities of parks and politics, and offering relevant global and strategic perspectives.

Throughout the Conference we examine the role that municipalities, in particular, play in delivering greener, healthier, viable protected areas.



Humberto Delgado Rosa is the Director for Natural Capital, DG Environment, European Commission, since November 2015. His Directorate's mission is to protect, conserve and enhance the EU's natural capital in the areas of biodiversity, nature, land and soil, forests and nutrient cycles, as well as overseeing the LIFE Programme for nature and the environment.

Prior to his current position within the DG Environment, Delgado Rosa was Director for adaptation to climate change and low carbon technology, within the DG Climate Action, and State-Secretary for Environment in Portugal between 2005 and 2011.

Humberto Delgado Rosa will present the recently launched "EU Action Plan for Nature, People and the Economy". The Action Plan was produced by the European Commission after the evaluation process to the Birds and Habitats Directives, to improve their implementation and boost their contribution towards reaching the EU's biodiversity targets for 2020.



Marina Silva is a Brazilian politician and was environmental minister in 2003-2008 in Lula’s Government and during her mandate 25 million hectares of new National Parks have been created in the Brazil network and more than 12 million young people participated in environmental actions all over the country. Silva was a colleague of Chico Mendes, who was assassinated for defending the Amazon from massive deforestation. She

In 1996, Silva won the Goldman Environmental Prize for South & Central America. In 2007, the United Nations Environment Program named her one of the Champions of the Earth and won the 2009 Sophie Prize. In 2010, she was named by Foreign Policy magazine to its list of top global thinkers, for taking Green mainstream. In December 2014, Marina Silva was elected by the British Financial Times newspaper as one of its Women of the Year. Marina only went to school when she was 16 years old but she graduated in History and then with post graduation in psychoanalytic theory and psycopedagogy.


Francisco Froján Madero, Monsignor, born in Galicia (Spain), is a biologist (graduated in 1976) who has later done his religious education with a bachelor concluded in 1985 and a PhD in Theology (1998). Since 2000, Francisco lives in the Vatican State and works in the State Secretary for external relations.

His passion for nature has made him establish a strong relation with the environmental subjects, having an active role in bridging spiritual values with nature conservation by participating in several international conferences.

We will have the privilege to hear the integrated vision and reflections of a man of science and faith about the Papal Encyclical LAUDATO SI’: On Care For Our Common Home.



Erika Stanciu was recently State Secretary of Forests and, for a short time State Secretary for Biodiversity Conservation and Protected Areas in the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests in Romania. Previous President of EUROPARC Federation and holder of the Alfred Toepfer Medal for outstanding contribution to the work of protected areas in Europe.

From the forest of Retezat to the forest of flipcharts that populate many of Erika’s training workshops, Erika plays a key role in capacity development of Protected Area Professionals in Romania. She was involved in the creation of ProPark - Foundation for Protected Areas, where she is currently the Executive Director. Erika will offer some insights and thoughts on joint voices for old and new values in nature conservation.


Dominique Leveque is the Mayor of the Municipality AŸ-Champagne (France), Councillor of the Department Marne and President of the Nature Regional Park Montagne de Reims. He has long experience of bridging parks and politics in his role as Mayor and Park President. Dominique is also President of the International commission of the Fédérations des Parcs Naturels Régionaux de France (France Nature Regional Parks) and Council member of EUROPARC Federation.

Created in 1976, the Nature Regional Park Montagne de Reims, is 54.000ha and has 35.000 habitants. Dominique recently led the park to the UNESCO world heritage list by the inscription of “Coteaux, Maisons et Caves de Champagne”. 

 He will help the Conference understand the complex and sometimes conflicting responsibilities faced by a Mayor and Park President.



Daniel Deusdado, director of RTP1 and RTP International, is a journalist, with the professional license 1246. He has a degree in Law from the Catholic University of Porto, and a post-graduation degree in Realization and Television from the School of Arts of the Catholic University.

A journalist since 18 years old, he worked in the Público newspaper, from its foundation until 1998, and later, in 2002 and 2003, became deputy editor of the newspaper. He created several journalism and television companies and was responsible for programs and documentaries such as Radar de Negócios (Business Radar); Nobre Povo (Noble People), Liga dos Últimos (League of the Last), Himalaias - a Viagem dos Jesuítas Portugueses (Himalayas - The Journey of the Portuguese Jesuits), Nos Passos de Magalhães (In the Steps of Magalhães), etc.

He was director of the magazine Ideias & Negócios; he created and directed for 10 years the monthly economic barometer of the Expresso newspaper, Conselho dos Doze (Council of Twelve); was a weekly columnist for Jornal de Notícias. He was director of RTP3 until July 2016.


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