Saturday 9th September

Vougapark, Sever do Vouga – 09:00 – 10:30

Buses leave 08:30 to Vouga Park in Sever do Vouga and will return to Termas de São Pedro do Sul from 14:30 onward. Last bus will be at 16:30 to be back in time for final sessions.

EUROPARC is a library of living experience from which members can draw inspiration to solve a problem, find new ideas to work in their home territories, learn about new information on policy, debate different perspectives and connect with partners to develop new project ideas. To do all of that members and conference delegates need time and space to TALK, to LISTEN, to DEBATE, to SHARE.

This year we have innovated, with a creation of a new item on the programme, Speakers Corner! Speakers Corners are usually a public open space where freedom of speech, to debate, discuss and present ideas are encouraged. We bring that same lively spirit into the EUROPARC Conference experience and where any member or conference delegate can ask for room space to raise any topic relevant to protected areas as they wish! You create this part of the programme.

If you are interested in having a room to debate an issue, share a project idea, disseminate your results then the space is yours...on a first come first served basis.

Those who are interested in having a room in the Speakers Corner should indicate this on the registration form. Then will be sent a link on the EUROPARC website where you can provide further details. A list of events in the Speakers Corner will be posted on the EUROPARC and Conference websites as they are confirmed.

Sign up to attend a session in the Speakers Corner will only be available on arrival at the Conference.


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