Sustainable Tourism

The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas (ECSTPA) is a programme developed by the EUROPARC Federation with the vision of developing tourism sustainably in European Protected Areas.

The Charter is a practical management tool that establishes the principles of sustainable tourism in Protected Areas and defines the steps towards their implementation. The programme for sustainable tourism destinations helps protected areas to evaluate their current management and build and implement sustainable tourism strategies in partnership with local communities and businesses. This ensures that nature conservation and socio-economic development are compatible in the protected area and the wider region.

There are currently 157 Sustainable Destinations in 19 European countries following the ECSTPA methodology, who involve as Charter partners a great number of local partners. EUROPARC’S programme for sustainable tourism destinations has been recognised a model system by many organisations including the World Tourism Organisation, the EU commission and the German Federal Agency for Nature Protection (BFN).

The ECST followed the publication of the report “Loving Them to Death”, published in 1993 by the Federation. The methodology was developed by Protected Areas professionals and experts on sustainable tourism, with the contribution of tour operators and other stakeholders at local level.




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