11 – Transboundary cooperation – a model to connect wildlife and unite people

Moderator: Jakub Kaspar, Krknose National Park (CZ) President of EUROPARC CEE

The political times we live in have raised questions about how open or closed our borders should be… BUT nature knows no boundaries, and the people who manage nature have been able to find ways to cooperate and work together. Despite political and national interests and complex histories, those in EUROPARC’s transboundary programme have been able to establish positive working relationship that go far beyond the wildlife and landscape they manage.
We examine good practise across the TransPArc Network and elaborate how what they have learned can be translated into work across Europe.

Case study #1

Pirkko Siikamäki Metsähallitus – Oulanka National Park (FI)

Oulanka -Paanajärvi National parks – cross-border cooperation between Finland and Russian. Practical examples on the cross-border cooperation between Finland and Russia. How we can operate at the border between the European Union and Russian? What kind of benefits, what kind of problems we are facing. What are the current challenges and the future prospects?

Case study #2

Martin Starý, Šumava National Park (CZ)

Cooperation across the border between Germany and Czech Republic
28 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, 13 years after joining the EU and 10 years after joining the Schengen Area, living and every-day work in the Czech Republic has changed dramatically. However some kind of borders still remained. How does the current cross border cooperation look like in the Czech-German-Austrian border area? What are the barriers and limits of the cooperation?